Deep Sleep - the Deepest Sleep in the World!

With Go Below Underground Adventures

The Deepest Sleep in the World

Coming to you Easter 2023 is an experience truly like no other on Earth! Journey your way down through an abandoned Victorian slate mine to reach the remote off-grid adventure camp of Deep Sleep. Set a staggering 1,375 vertical feet below the mountains of Snowdonia above, this is the deepest underground accommodation on the planet... by far.

The overnight guest accommodation comprises of four private cabins (each sleeping two) and a romantic grotto room (also sleeping two). You will be led down through the mine by an experienced and qualified instructor, who will show some of the fascinating sights and explain the history of the Welsh Slate Industry on the way.

On arrival at Deep Sleep, it's time to relax for the rest of the evening with food available at the camp to enjoy at our large covered picnic table. Then you are welcome to retire to your cabin for a very deep sleep.

Your instructor will remain at the camp through the night, and lead you back up to the surface in the morning.

Frequently Asked Questions

(all specifications and details given are subject to change)

When will Deep Sleep be ready?

Deep Sleep will be ready for Easter 2023.

How much will it cost?

The price will be set per cabin, and each cabin can sleep up to two people. There will be an additional supplement to book the grotto room. Prices will be published in due course.

Do I get an evening meal?

There will be a simple choice of pre-prepared meals available at the camp, or you are welcome to bring your own food and drink.

Will children be allowed?

Children aged 14 and over will be permitted to accompany adults to Deep Sleep.

Will there be bedding provided?

Bedding will be available to hire, or you can bring your own sleeping bag.

How cold is it?

The mine at 1,375 foot depth provides an ambient all-year-round temperature of 10 degrees Celsius. This is chilly, but about the same as the night temperature in Wales during June and September. So if you were camping in a tent on the surface during these months, it would feel similar.

The cabins are not heated but are thermally lined with thick insulation, so they do certainly warm up and under a duvet feels very snug. Obviously there is no wind or rain.

Can I book a cabin as a private holiday base?

Deep Sleep isn't a hotel, a bed-and-breakfast or self-catering accommodation. The overnight stay should be considered an adventure experience. Guests will be escorted down to the camp in the evening, then led out again in the morning.

Is wi-fi available?

Deep Sleep does have wi-fi, provided through a 1km long armored Ethernet cable from a 4G antenna on the surface. The member of staff with you overnight will be able to provide access to this should you want it. There is no mobile phone reception.

Is there a toilet?

Yes there is, but like most remote camps - the toilet is not connected to a waste system but works more like a composting toilet. It's use is very simple and Instructions will be provided.

How is Deep Sleep powered?

All electric lighting (and the wi-fi!) in Deep Sleep is low-voltage and powered from batteries. These batteries are charged by the force of falling water within the mine itself using micro-hydro turbines. There is no grid connection, so Deep Sleep is entirely self-powered using the mines own natural water courses. It is therefore highly sustainable and very green!

Is it totally silent?

Mines are actually rarely totally silent and depending on recent weather, it is not unusual to hear the sound of falling water, either as occasional drips or even small waterfalls. This is normal, but if you think this could be disturb you then we recommend bringing some mini ear plugs. The cabins are well insulated but not completely sound proof.

How Dark is it?

The cabins all have internal lights, including bedside lights, that can be controlled individually. There is also a backup torch in each room. The camp lights remain on all night.

Can I smoke or drink alcohol?

Unfortunately not no, sorry.

How fit do I have to be?

The journey on foot to the mine entrance and then though the mine to Deep Sleep involves more than an hour of walking, scrambling, ducking and balancing. It does require a moderate level of fitness and agility.

How much stuff can I bring?

Everything that you wish to bring needs to fit into a back pack, so it's best to travel light. Suitcases and shoulder bags are impractical underground, and remember that you're going to have to transport your stuff a long way though the mine. Less is definitely more.

What about allergies?

The mine air is cool and clear. People who usually suffer from Hay-Fever often find being underground a welcome relief in the summer, as the mine air contains no pollen. However, it is not totally devoid of life, some species of fungi can be found growing in the darker, damper corners of the mine and sometimes it can be found on the wooden structures. This should be a consideration for anybody with a serious allergy to fungi.

Is there water available?

There is running water from taps but it comes from the mines own water courses and therefore is not recommended for drinking. It is fine for rinsing hands and such, but you will need to bring your own bottled water for drinking.

Are the cabins damp?

Most mines and caves in the UK have quite high humidity. The cabins are fitted with dehumidifiers that run when they are not being used for sleeping in, which keeps the humidity level more like that found in a normal building on the surface. Ironically, the dehumidifiers are powered by falling water from within the mine itself.